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This page lists every article ever posted on the web page, sorted by their publication date.


To access an article just click on the yellow underlined text hyperlink. You can find specific articles by doing searches for keywords with your web browser. For today, may I recommend sampling articles #2, 3, 5 and 9? Or just browse how you want, who the hell am I to tell you what to do?


Article #75

January 10, 2021 The Gobots Comic Strip? Did you know the Transformers had a lesser known “cousin” called the Gobots in the 1980s? While the Transformers had a cool Marvel comic book the Gobots had… this…


Article #74

January 20, 2019 It’s Raining Bats! It’s Batman’s 80th anniversary. Revisit his origin in a most unusual way.


Article #73

May 01, 2017 The Shadow of the Moon! Pulp crime fighter the Shadow investigates a sudden surge of UFO activity and ends up on the moon! Really, it makes as much sense as you think.


Article #72

November 04, 2016 Lois Lane Likes Little Bugs! Lois Lane and Lana Lang, the two women Superman loves, test that love to the max as they become completely buggy!


Article #71

January 9, 2016 Shadowing Pa Kent Boners! In a special 2 for 1 entry, we see that even the Shadow is not immune to comic boners! And speaking of boners, Superboy's Pa Kent decides to share his! It's win-win!


Article #70

October 15, 2015 Daredevil does Masks! Our blind Marvel hero shows us a newfound superpower (or two)! One involves a magical pair of glasses and what I like to call a reverse Clark Kent - the other is just too brutal to mention!


Article #69

August 07, 2015 When Superheroes Kill! In a child's comic, a cartoon team-up between Batman and the Blue Beetle turns oddly tragic.


Article #68

April 26, 2015 Space Drunks get all the Perks! In Part 2 of our look at Space and Drugs, we learn the perks of being Space Drunk in this ACG story.


Article #67

January 19, 2015 Teen Getting High with Little Green Men! What happens when the town's most irresponsible teen gets shot into space in this gonzo ACG comic? He gets high baby in Part 1 of our look at Space and Drugs!


Article #66

October 17, 2014 Scooby’s Super Friends! Ghosts, villains and a phantom Supergirl appear when Scooby Doo meets the Super Friends!


Article #65

November 21, 2013 Potpourri 4Another hodgepodge mix of 4 entries to stink up the joint! First, Astro Boy’s feline counterpart, Atomcat, has an awkward moment! Next, Archie and the gang fight vampires and we learn Veronica’s secret shame! Then Batman has a rare slip of the tongue! And finally, an awkward moment in Detective Comics! No matter how hard you wash, your eyes will never get clean after this update!


Article #64

August 12, 2013 Bombastic Buzz Balmer!It’s another bit of Golden Age lunacy and the (possible) inspiration to ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ as the intrepid Professor Balmer shrinks down his only son and proceeds to… try and get him killed! Yes, it’s parenting at its finest!


Article #63

June 18, 2013 Blue Beetle Baddies!It’s the Golden Age Blue Beetle in a story that has to be read to be believed! And introducing the Beetle-Goat! Also the Image Within Image moment shows why Fox publishing is not all it’s cracked up to be.


Article #62

April 04, 2013 Cobra Vs. Doom Patrol!The 1980s meets the 1960s (sort of) as the Doom Patrol battles Cobra!


Article #61

March 05, 2013 The Unknown Letter!Adventures into the Unknown #144 features one of the unlikeliest “fan” letter you’ll ever read and a sampling of the issue’s quality entertainment! Sword sodomy anyone?


Article #60

January 30, 2013 Beep Beep!See Warner Brothers cartoon character the road runner (and his secret family) battle wits with Wile E Coyote in his first comic book appearance! Thrill to my joy of finally installing Windows 8!


Article #59

September 30, 2012 The Horrors of Spider Island!No, this isn’t about that 2011 Spider-Man mega-crossover event in the comics. This is about a 1960 black and white movie that may have just inspired Spider-Man’s origin! I kid you not – and hey, if you don’t believe me, just check it out if you’re a fan of B-horror zaniness!


Article #58

August 31, 2012 Batman and his Brothers! – Inspired by the recent Court of Owls story arc we look at another time Batman was (almost) given a brother in the burly BANE (of the Dark Knight Rises fame). I kid you not!


Article #57

June 02, 2012 Batman Gets Animated! – See a couple of goofy screenshots from Batman: The Animated Series submitted by our first ever legitimate – uh – submitter! No fooling!


Article #56

April 20, 2012 Spider-Man vs. Sledge Hammer!It’s a healthy dose of 1980s goodness as the world’s most violent and inept cop tackles a vision impaired Spider-Man! Ah, memories!


Article #55

February 17, 2012 Sprocket Man!It’s the greatest government sponsored bicycle superhero of all time, the amazing and incomparable Sprocket Man!


Article #54

December 30, 2011 Another Hollywood AdaptationAnd you’ll never guess which one this is! Let’s just say it isn’t Shaq’s finest hour. Image Within Image moment asks whatever became of Dr. Erskine? Wait, who?


Article #53

October 12, 2011 Egads, My Logic Sense is Tingling!Batman meets a psychopath in a story that falls off the tracks, Spidey meets a shape-shifting teacher, and in a special Image Within Image moment, Commissioner Gordon goes monster hunting!


Article #52

June 26, 2011 Godzilla goes VeganEveryone’s favorite atomic lizard shows his quirky side as he devours… trees? And thrill to his wondrous magic trick!


Article #51

April 29, 2011 Iron Man gets Animated Part TwoSee what happens when Iron Man battles the deadly Crimson Dynamo in a no holds barred battle! Also introduces that famous Russian superspy, the Black Widow! And perhaps the most anticlimactic sound effect you’ll ever hear!


Article #50

February 25, 2011 Iron Man gets Animated Part OneSee what happens when Iron Man makes his first foray into motion pictures on the small screen! It’s mayhem with the Mandarin as Tony Stark plays Commie Buster behind the red curtain! Not for the feint of heart!


Article #49

November 29, 2010 Jimmy Olsen – Nazi! When Superman’s pal travels back in time, he gets to hobnob with some of WWII’s biggest Nazis!  Hi-jinks ensue.


Article #48

October 21, 2010 Space Angel and Futurama Travel back in time (or is that forward in time?) and thrill to the “animated” exploits of the Space Angel!  How many eerie similarities between it and Futurama can you spot? (HINT: It’s more than one!)


Article #47

September 6, 2010 Batwoman and Kobra What eerie similarities exist between the new Batwoman and the vile villain Kobra?  Well, besides meeting Batman, a lot more than you may realize!


Article #46

June 17, 2010 The Megatron You Don’t Know Things really hit the fan when Megatron battles a bunch of TRANSFORMING robots in this Shogun Warrior filled entry!


Article #45

April 29, 2010 The Power Pachyderms Invade It’s another of those wacky books for Marvel, the house of ideas.  This time they take the X-Men and turn them into mutant elephants!  No, seriously.  I’m not making this up.  Wolverine, Cyclops, Electra and Colossus – as mutant elephants.  If you’ve ever wondered what mutant elephants look like without pants, this entry’s for you!


Article #44

March 29, 2010 Giant, Molten, Zombie Jesus is the feature of this very special Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets) Easter entry!


Article #43

March 01, 2010 Potpourri 3 A case for Veil, a case of radiation and the case of the comic costume maker!  Also, Image Within Image presents a special little panel from Young Romance.


Article #42

January 26, 2010 Potpourri 2 Clothing certainly makes the man!  Thrill to Andy Panda’s brain cramp!  Chill to the dire meeting of Superman’s enemy Lex Luthor and a talking tiger!  Spill at Supergirl’s wardrobe miscue (wait, that doesn’t sound right)!  Stare at Mickey Mouse!  Yes, if you read one entry this year… well, this is the only entry this year, so I guess this would be it.  Also, Image Within Image returns with Tarzan and his special lady.  If anyone knows how to treat the girls right, it’s our resident ape-man, that’s for sure!


Article #41

December 12, 2009 Bugs Bunny Civil Rights Activist! From Bugs Bunny #160, Bugs and Elmer Fudd reveal the true nature of their relationship – all this and Abraham Lincoln too!


Article #40

November 02, 2009 Captain America Crosses Wonder Woman When gum is crossed with comics, it creates crap.  Literally.  Oh, the Red Skull is here too.  Image Within Image with a follow-up to the Perils of Leading a Double Life as Powergirl and Terra learn Supergirl’s lesson in Powergirl #4 (see March 11th, 2009 for Supergirl’s inauguration!).


Article #39

October 02, 2009 Woody’s Wacky Debut! A cute and cuddly cartoon character, Woody Woodpecker sure looked different in his first comic book foray as we quickly delve into the muck!!  Also, Image Within Image returns with Superman Annual #14.  Perhaps one of the most unlikely crossovers you’ll ever see!


Article #38

August 25, 2009 Oh Those Wacky Jetsons!  Animal and robot cruelty abounds in the Jetsons #1.  And yes, the Comics Code allows dog on the menu!  Also, Image Within Image returns with Young Romance #208.  Guys, I’ll let you use your imaginations to read between the lines on this cover!


Article #37

July 10, 2009 Potpourri 1 Watch Superman vomit black goo at the sight of Mr. Kerry!  Watch the Justice Society of America take a novel approach to crime fighting!  And thrill to the gaseous misadventures of Uncle Marvel as he and Mary Marvel track misbegotten missing uncles!  This one has something for everyone!!


Article #36

July 10, 2009 Supergirl Becomes Superwoman! Where else but in comics can you become an adult by skipping over all that awkward puberty crap?  Image Within Image sees Wonder Woman find it awfully awkward fighting Nazis.  Though some say she seems to enjoy it a bit too much…


Article #35

March 11, 2009 Wacky Wooden Indians Whack Wood! Here comes a bizarre entry in the annals of Golden Age comics, a comic book that features only puppets.  Redwood Rodney is perhaps the most perverse story of the bunch.  It made me want to retch in terror, how about you?  Image Within Image sees Part 2 of the Perils of Leading a Double Life in Superhero comics.  Supergirl learns the difficulty of having to change in public!


Article #34

January 11, 2009 Indiana Jones and the Secret to my Success! Ever wonder how Indy gets out of some of those precarious situations?  Marvel Comics had the answer, are you willing to click here and find out?  Image Within Image sees Part 1 of the Perils of Leading a Double Life in Superhero comics.  Captain Marvel’s alter ego Billy Batson learns the cruel fate of a life at sea.


Article #33

December 02, 2008 A Generic Comic Book Entry Thrill as your generic host enters the most generic entry ever!  Rediscover a ridiculous entry from the House of Ideas (Marvel genius!) that anyone and everyone whose ever bought has spontaneously combusted upon reading!!!  Read it IF YOU DARE!!!!


Article #32

October 22, 2008 Superman’s Secret Superpower  The Man Of Steel proves he’s the true master of disguise!  Eat your heart out Dana Carvey!  Image Within Image sees Archie experimenting with, ah heck, just click the link and find out!  I always had my suspicions about Archie.


Article #31

August 11, 2008 A Strange Case of Klingons (Or “What the F**K?”)  Watch as the Klingons metamorphasize before your very eyes not once, not twice, but THRICE!  Oh, and an Image Within Image moment has Adam Strange using an unorthodox method to stop a wild beast.


Article #30

July 08, 2008 Anarky asks “Who’s my daddy?”  Our salute to parenthood continues as Anarky looks for his dad, and boy, given the choices, you’ve got to wonder why he bothers!


Article #29

May 08, 2008 Superman Gives Mom Her Due  Parenting was certainly different in the 1940s, and if Supes weren’t around, it would’ve been downright dangerous… for the baby!


Article #28

April 08, 2008 Krazy Kissin’ Super Kousins!  One of many examples where a Superman and Supergirl story just gets weird.


Article #27

March 13, 2008 Krypto’s Krazy Kaper!  One dog given absolute power and the ability to travel through time!  We’re doomed, doomed I tells ya’!


Article #26

February 09, 2008 Wacky Disney Dances  How can anyone say Mickey and friends don’t know how to party after witnessing this wacky dance party?


Article #25

January 08, 2008 Chyna Syndrome II  Would you believe that former female pro-wrestler Chyna had a comic book?  Okay, now would you believe that they actually made a sequel to it?  And would you believe that it uses hang-gliders?  It’s all true, it’s all crap, and it’s all in this entry.  That, and an Image Within Image moment sees the Joker give Wonder Woman a – well, you have to see it to believe it!


Article #24

December 08, 2007 Crime Comics Banned In Canada  Taken from the Federal Government’s law-books, it really is illegal to possess any crime comics.

Entry Keywords:  Crime comics, Canadian Law


Article #23

December 08, 2007Christmas 1975 – Santa’s Very Bad Year  The JLA bands together to bring a diabolical killer to justice and to explain the true meaning of the holidays!  I think.

Entry Keywords:  DC, Justice League of America, the Key, Santa Claus, the true meaning of Christmas


Article #22

November 10, 2007 The Two-Gun Kid Battles Ox Miller – I Think  See the beloved Two-Gun Kid trip through the 5th dimension!

Entry Keywords:  Marvel, Western, Two-Gun Kid, print error, 5th dimension


Article #21

October 5, 2007 The Terminator Meets Dr. Fate!  Not a hoax and not an illusion!  What happens when the master of the arcane arts meets science’s greatest killing machine?  Well… a lot of people die, that’s what!

Entry Keywords:  DC, Doctor Fate, Terminator, arcane arts, lawsuits and martians


Article #20

September 3, 2007 The Pony’s Popping Pills! Or The True Threat of Grass Part II  This story delves further into the hereto unknown uses of marijuana!  Image Within Image moment.

Entry Keywords:  DC, Fawcett, Whiz Comics, Golden Arrow, horses, race, kick to family jewels, Robin


Article #19

July 31, 2007 Joker’s Marijuana Spree! The Clown Prince of Crime uses weed in his crimes, and the Dynamic Duo find the cure! Image Within Image moment.

Entry Keywords:  DC, Batman, Joker, marijuana, toke, loco weed, Robin


Article #18

June 25, 2007 Go-Go Jo-Jo! The Congo King Jo-Jo has a dramatic change of heart in terms of the girls he loves. Well, Jo-Jo doesn’t really change… also our first Image Within the Image Moment.

Entry Keywords:  Jo-Jo Congo King, Jungle comics, good girl art, Skywald, Fox, Africa, jungle fever?


Article #17

May 6, 2007 It’s Not Easy Being Green! The Justice Society of America turns green at the thought of protecting the President of the USA!

Entry Keywords:   Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Green Lantern, Justice Society of America, green, DC


Article #16

April 1, 2007 Secret Life of Billy the Kid!  Ever wonder what the inspiration for Brokeback Mountain was?  Here’s a story from the 1970s that gives a clue.

Entry Keywords:   Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Billy the Kid, cowboy love, Western, DC, Lorne Greene?


Article #15

February 24, 2007 Batman – Mutant? How is it Batman has been able to hold his own in a world filled with super powered beings?  Could it be that this ordinary human being is more than he appears?

Entry Keywords:   Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Batman, mutant, Bruce Wayne, Vicki Vale, DC


Article #14

January 21, 2007 Superman’s One True Weakness!  Kryptonite?  Magic?  Lois Lane?  What could it be?  Find out here as Superman tells you his only, true weakness!  Oh, and Superman murders the Atom, but really, would anyone notice?

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Superman, Batman, weakness, kryptonite, Atom KILLED, shrinking down, Kandor, a whole bunch of wackiness, DC


Article #13

January 21, 2007 Superman:  Unknown Cosmic Baby?  Why didn’t the government simply track the spaceship that brought baby Superman to Earth and turn him into our greatest weapon?

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Superman, crash landing, baby, UFO, DC


Article #12

November 28, 2006 Star Trek:  To Boldy Go – To Toronto !?!  This TV and comic series is renowned for out of this world adventure.  I never knew that included Canada’s largest city.

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Star Trek, Toronto City Hall, Contagion, Next Generation, Gold Key, Kirk, Spock, McCoy


Article #11

November 12, 2006 Robin Meets Monty Python – Sort of!  Batgirl and Robin come across some foes they least expect.

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, DC


Article #10

November 12, 2006 Batman meets Larry, Curly and Moe – Sort of!  What happens when a deranged Batman meets the 3 Stooges?  Pretty much what you’d expect.

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Batman, Azrael, Larry, Curly, Moe, Three Stooges, DC


Article #9

September 22, 2006 Batman Battles Joker’s Boner!  Batman has his hands full when Joker pulls his boner crimes… I kid you not!

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Batman, Joker, Robin, Growing Pains, Boner, DC


Article #8

August 27, 2006 Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Does Whatever a Spider Can!  Organic web-shooters have been around since the 1960s!

Entry Keywords:  Spider-Man, organic web-shooters, Antman, Giantman, Wasp, new costume


Article #7

August 27, 2006 Superman Meets Mr. Clean?  Superman has long cleaned up disasters on Earth, but never quite like this!

Entry Keywords:  Superman, Batman, Batmite, Mr. Mxyzptlk, cleaning, mop


Article #6

August 15, 2006 The Daily Planet’s Other Intrepid Girl Reporter!  Lois Lane may be the most famous girl reporter, but here’s an arch rival she never even knew about!

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Superman, Lois Lane, Daily Planet, Joan Mason, Blue Beetle, Fox, DC, Wonderman


Article #5

July 22, 2006 Star Trek – The Wrath of Spock!  A world of sentient plants runs afoul of Mr. Spock’s interesting take of the prime directive!

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Star Trek, Captain Kirk, Spock, prime directive, alien plant-life, war of the worlds, genocide, Paramount


Article #4

July 7, 2006 Robin – Armed and Dangerous!  Batman’s been known to carry and even use a gun, but Robin?  This shows that on at least one occasion, Robin was truly armed and dangerous!

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Batman, Robin, Detective Comics, gun, MerBatman, Julius Schwartz, Bob Kane, DC


Article #3

June 14, 2006 Censoring Superman’s Organs?  This is an example of one of the most overt censorships in comics.  Hey kids, you can see Superman’s corpse, but not his organs!!

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Superman, Batman, World’s Finest Comics, transplants, organs, censorship, CCA, DC


Article #2

June 5, 2006 Same Sex Comic Book Couple?

We look at what may be the earliest example of same sex coupling in comic book history!

Entry Keywords:  Comic books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Zatara, Batwoman, Action Comics, same sex couple, lesbian, Queens, Fred Guardineer, DC


Article #1

May 28, 2006 Extra!  Extra!  Superman says Cleveland Rocks!!  Superman’s connection with Cleveland is looked at, as well as the time he utterly destroyed the town – and got the Police Chief’s thanks!!

Entry Keywords:  Comic Books, comics, fun facts, tid bits, Superman, Cleveland, Eliot Ness, torso killer, Daily Star, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, DC

More Comic Book Tid Bits are coming!